This 28 inch polished stainless-steel hoop is so easy to use. And it works with virtually any levitation or suspension. It makes you feel like you are performing real magic.

If the levitated lady were ACTUALLY floating on air by real magic, you would take a solid hoop and pass it over her feet, along her body, off at her head and back up into the air, holding the hoop with just one hand the whole time. And that's exactly what you do with this "Miracle Hoop".


After the hoop clears her body, walk right up to the audience and hold it under their nose. It appears to be just a beautiful, gleaming, solid silver hoop.


 This illusion is the well known illusion of Walter Zaney Blaney. Infringers be forewarned.



For the first time I have made available a solid hoop that looks exactly like the Miracle Hoop. It can be fully examined, as of course it is not gimmicked. Since the beginning of my Ladder Levitation I have carried such a hoop in the case along with my trick hoop. It is made one inch smaller in diameter and fits nicely in the same case.

At the close of a performance I immediately put the Miracle Hoop into its case and place the solid one back onto the hoop stand. Should anyone come backstage and "fiddle" with the hoop, they will learn it is indeed a simple, solid hoop. This has happened any number of times during my 45 years of presenting my Ladder Levitation. The word of mouth about my "solid hoop" has helped enhance the real secrets involved in my levitation.

A number have asked that I make the solid hoop available. They are made of the same stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish. The price is $795.00. It can be shipped in a sturdy cardboard carton, so no new case is needed.