What could be more fair? The magician’s assistant steps into the box. Her feet are locked in place, and the audience never loses sight of those live feet. She then reclines and her neck is locked in a similar fashion. The large front doors are opened wide and the audience sees a full view of her body from head to barefoot toe. An audience member is invited on stage and asked to feel the assistant’s head, arms, legs and feet. “Yes,” they agree, “They are all real.”

The doors are shut and splinters fly as the box is immediately sawed in half. Blades are inserted into the severed box and the doors are opened to reveal the lady resting comfortably, exactly as before, but now divided by the blades. The audience member again feels the head, arms, legs and feet to assure that all are still alive and well. The two boxes are now rolled apart. Tickling her toes causes the lady to laugh out loud -- nine feet away from her feet!

The magician walks between the two boxes and takes a bow. The boxes are rolled back together, the blades removed and the smiling lady steps out. She, the magician and the audience participant all take a well deserved bow.




Everyone’s talking.

Look at what some of the greats in our industry have said about the Blaney Sawing.

THE GREAT VIRGIL — world class illusionist, probably the leading authority on the Sawing Ilusion. “Walter, your new sawing is the most ingenious we have ever seen. It is a beautiful creation. Photos do not do justice to this illusion. It must be seen in motion. It is GREAT, GREAT, GREAT. ”

MIKE CAVENEY, — publisher Mike Caveney’s Magic Words After an annual magicians party in Mike’s home: “Walter, your sawing video was a big hit at our party. The group who saw it included Johnny Gaughan, Stan Allen, Don Wayne, David Copperfield , Bill Smith, Jim Steinmeyer and a host of others. All agreed it was terrific. I believe it is a brilliant idea. You have taken possibly the two greatest tricks in magic and created the Blaney (Ladder Levitation) and the Blaney Sawing, and for that you should be proud.”

PETE BIRO — Bill Larsen’s Genii Magazine columnist “I must say it is marvelous. It’s a thin-model sawing with no fake legs, no phony moves. The girl just climbs in, you shut the doors, the head, the arms, the legs, the feet... all REAL No cover ups, no phony moves. And you just plain saw the lady in two and take the boxes apart.”

FISM 1997, Dresden, Germany, The Gala Show The spectacular quick change artists David and Dania received a standing ovation, followed by the amazing Hans Moretti with another standing ovation. Two wonderful acts ... acts hard to follow. Zaney Blaney from Texas then introduced his original Sawing a Lady in Half Illusion. He fooled the big crowd completely and received a third standing ovation. That doesn’t happen often on one show.


Introductory price $14,500. • Three A.T.A. cases $2,800


 This illusion is the well known illusion of Walter Zaney Blaney. Infringers be forewarned.

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