A five foot board is seen lying across two wooden trestle-supports, which are standing upon a small two-inch high platform. A rolled up carpet is seen on the board at its center. The audience can see under and around the whole set-up, which is clearly well away from any curtains or other props.

 An unrehearsed lady volunteer from the audience is invited up to participate and she is handed the carpet to examine. The board is tilted up to show it is just a board lying across two supports. It is then dropped back into place and the carpet is rolled out along it, forming an attractive eight inch drape around its edges.



 The lady is assisted in lying down upon the board.

 A small decorative gold cloth, which was draped over the rear of the supports, is lifted and placed over the lady's body, from her shoulders to her knees. The shimmering metallic-gold enhances her appearance in the spotlight.



 The magician then holds up the head-end of the board with one hand, and with the other hand he draws out the support to the rear and drops it onto the stage floor. He then steps between the lady and the just-removed support. What the audience sees so far is a beautiful suspension, more amazing than usual, as the remaining support is seen beneath the lady's knees, as opposed to under her shoulders , as in most suspensions.

The magician holds up the foot-end of the board and removes the final support, dropping it off the platform to the rear as well. Again he steps between that support and the now floating lady.

To see an animation of the complete walkaround between the floating lady and removed supports CLICK HERE.



He then takes a thirty inch diameter white plastic hoop, walks up between the two supports on the floor , moves them still further out of his way, to the right and the left, allowing him to stand directly behind the suspended lady.

He freely shows the hoop to be ordinary, flipping it about in either hand.



 He then holds the hoop up in the air with the right hand only and slowly passes it down over the lady's head, along her body, off at her feet and up into the air again, all with just one hand holding the hoop. This is exactly the move you would make if the lady were really floating in air by real magic.

To see an animation of this action.


 He now walks around to the front side of lady. He walks the hoop over her again, passing it over her feet, along her body and off at her head, then off to the footlights to show up-close that it is a simple solid hoop.




 Now standing directly behind the floating lady, magician walks a complete circle around her, again passing between the board and the two removed supports, which once again has him behind the center of the board. He then motions to the audience to give the lady some applause for her efforts. Finally the two supports are placed back onto the platform and slid under the board.

 The lady is helped off the board and the final bows are taken to finish the effect.